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Oakham History

Jeffrey Hudson
Jeffery Hudson
Jeffery Hudson was in Oakham. He only grew to a height of 18 inches and remained at that height until he was at least 30. Then he started to grow again but he never exceeded 3 feet 6 inches.

As you can imagine, he was something of a curiosity, and at a banquet given in honour of the King and Queen, he was served up in a cold pie for their amusement. He was taken into Royal service and knighted by the King.

His later history was no less remarkable, he was sent to France to acquire a French servant, but was captured by pirates on the way and fought a battle with a turkeycock.

He must have escaped for later we hear of him on another foreign mission, this time being captured by Turkish pirates, sold as a slave then ransomed, only to return for the Civil War when he was appointed a captain for the Kings army, fighting the Round Heads.

As if this was not enough, he was to fight a famous dual and ended up shooting his opponent. After this his luck ran out, he had various ups and downs, living in obscurity for some time, then finely he died in prison in 1682. He packed the most into his life of 63 years only being knee-high and riding a pony.

Many things have been said in abuse to him, such as when he was fleeing from the battle of Newbury with Prince Rupert. One of the Round Heads shouted: 'Look there goes Rupert and the Cock Robin.'

It is said that King Charles said of Jeffery Hudson - 'I'm sure that the Rutland Motto Multum in Parvo applied just as aptly to our Mini Jeffery.'

(from original text by Richard Lawson, Oakham School)